Martial Arts Studio Composites

Martial Arts Studio Composites


The Studio Poster is one of the most exciting products for your martial arts studio! Just for allowing us to be a part of your photo day we will provide you with a complimentary 20×30 print featuring every student that has participated on photo day absolutely FREE!

Parents also have the opportunity to purchase a copy of this poster. This is a great way to show off your school and advertise to new members!

Each Student Is Featured!

Your studio will get 1 free 20×30 poster featuring every student that buys at least one item on photo day!

  • Each Student Is Featured!
  • Parents can purchase a copy!
  • 2 Sizes Available! 11×14 or 20×30

Get A Different Design Each Year!

The best part about the studio poster is that your studio gets to pick the design each year! That way you can either keep the same design or mix it up between years with any of the designs we have available for your studio!