High School Sports Photo Day Process

High School Sports Photo Day Process

When it comes to your pictures we provide you with the highest quality images and the most current graphics as well. We work to make sure that the designs we use are always the best they can be! We make sure that every athlete gets equal camera time and we take our time to ensure everyone gets the best picture possible on photo day!

The Perfect Photo Day

When we show up to your high school sports teams we don’t simply come with just a camera and order forms. We bring the show by setting up a full team and individual photo shoot area. With this setup we are sure that your teams will be treated with the most professional photo process and will be in and out quickly!

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New & Faster Photo Day Process!

With our NEW Green Screen system we can now take all of the photos we need to produce your individual and team photos all at the same time! This creates a faster photo day so you spend less time in front of the camera and more time doing what you need to do with your team that day!


The Perfect Pose Every Time!

We pay attention to each athlete and give them one on one attention for their photos! We also use our Pick-A-Pose system to give them a choice of poses from the most popular poses so they don’t have to come up with something on the spot! This way each player is unique and you get a different pose every time! Using the Pick-A-Pose charts at the photo shoot makes this an easy and fast process.

The Extreme Team Photos!

Along with our individual player photography, we have all of the tools and experience to capture your team photo without having to organize the team together to take it! We utilize our new green screen technology to create a one-of-a-kind virtual team composite complete with a team name, logo, and season year.

The Perfect Team Photo!

With our on-location green screen technology, we can photograph each player individually and then create the virtual team back in our design studio!

This is great for many reasons! This allows us to take all of the player and coach photos ahead of your team cuts, then when you finalize your roster we can remove those players from the list and then build your final team photo. No more retakes due to a changing roster!

Our Photo Day Process!