High School Sports Extreme Teams

High School Sports Extreme Teams

Along with our individual player photography, we have all of the tools and experience to capture your team photo without having to organize the team together to take it! We utilize our new green screen technology to create a one-of-a-kind virtual team composite complete with a team name, logo, and season year.

It’s our most popular program!

With our on location green screen technology we can photograph each player individually and then create the virtual team back in our design studio!

This is great for may reasons! This allows us to take all of the player and coach photos ahead of your team cuts, then when you finalize your roster we can remove those players from the list and then build your final team photo. No more retakes due to a changing roster!

This also means that if you need specialty groups we can produce those groups after photo day as well. Simply give us your small group rosters and we will produce the group in our graphics studio just like the main team photo!

Design Studio

Our Available Designs!

Choose Your Design!

All of our available designs are shown below. Make sure you click on “View More” to see all of the designs!
Also note that most of our designs are not specific to a sport, so if you see a baseball player on one for example, it might be able to be used for other sports as well. We can also adapt the colors of the templates to fit your school colors!

Note: We change names in most cases on the samples, so if you see someone you know and it’s not their name you know why!